I guess you can say Zeal started in a garage with a homemade roaster made from a chop shop popcorn popper that would soon became a well-engineered coffee roasting machine within a few months.  It was the passion to get a better cup, to know everything there is to know about coffee. It was a vision Christ planted in their hearts to reach a community and provide a craft and art they longed to see in their city.

This vision started years before this when Peter Davidson was working a 9-5 job in a corporate world. When all he knew of coffee was cup of extremely over brewed Folgers mixed with half a cup of French vanilla creamer. It was then when his soon to be business partner approached him about importing coffee from his family owned fields in Honduras.  All Peter could think about was how amazing this coffee must taste…..high grown, organically cultivated and we could get it from the fields roasted by the farmers. Sounded too good to be true. Excitement grew as Peter drew up plans for this business dream. Everything seemed to go so fast and soon they were opening their first coffee shop.

Although the dream of owning a coffee shop did come true, the idea of amazing coffee had still not been fulfilled.  After a few years of testing out different coffees and splitting off the original company, Peter decided to start roasting his own coffee.  It not only became a passion for Peter but an obsession to find the best methods of roasting and sourcing.  And so the Zeal journey began.

The name Zeal, which means overwhelming enthusiasm towards something (in this case Christ, family & coffee) was a perfect fit for the concept. Taking a full leap into the coffee roasting world, he decided to invest in a small 5lb roaster and begin importing coffee.  Soon after Peter was blessed with an opportunity to open the first Zeal Coffee bar, located in Reveal Church.  Pastor Brian was planning an expansion of Reveal Church and because of their hearts to reach the community decided to partner with Zeal and utilize the entrance area for the first Zeal Coffee bar.  In October 2013 the coffee bar was officially open at 1930 Land O Lakes Blvd. Lutz, Fl 33549.