Congo Kawa Kabuya

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Congo Kawa Kabuya


Region; Bashu region, in the province of North Kivu, near Virunga National Park

Altitude; 1450 -1550 masl

Processing; fully washed

Variety; catucai/bourbon/blue mountain

Harvest Date. May/june fly crop - oct to jan main crop


CKK was born back in July 2014 created by producers of the Lubero and the Bashu region, in the province of North Kivu, near Virunga National Park.

Members are divided per micro-washing station and the Coop is involved in production, collection, processing and marketing of the member’s coffee.

Coop was created with the goal to give back hope to the coffee chain in that region of the country, where the activities of the coffee sector were experiencing a constant deterioration due to the civil war. This situation brought to a natural drop in quality, production, productivity and incentivized the smuggling of the coffee to Uganda.

In 2014 CKK had 13 washing stations working now it has 36 and another 58 are under construction.

In 2014 they produced 1 container of commercial quality, this year they went up to 3 containers of specialty coffee (85+ is the score some external entities gave to the coffee).  

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