Every 2 Weeks Bag of Honduras Marcala


Every 2 Weeks Bag of Honduras Marcala

10.00 every 2 weeks

Want freshly roasted coffee but hate going online every week to order it? Then Zeal’s coffee subscriptions is just the thing you need.

Choose from our many programs and receive 50% off shipping as well as an extra bag of beans, picked by our roasters, included with your second order. Let us conveniently ship you fresh roasted coffee when you want it.

With this subscription you will receive a 228g bag of Honduras Marcala every 2 weeks shipped right to your door.

Altitude: 1,300-1,700 Meters

Variety: Bourbon, Typica, Catuai, Caturra

Process: Washed

Notes: Chocolate, Walnut, Licorice


This coffee is the result of the efforts of multiple farms that all focus on the quality of the bean. They have their beans certifies organic and fair trade, which empowers the farmers to focus on the bean and the cup that it will present. The farm also has fair trade premiums, which they use to fund various education and social projects.

This coffee sports a dry fragrance of cocoa and spices such as cloves. The wet aroma carries various savory elements like tomato and more spices including ginger and nutmeg. This coffee has a thick body, or as our cupping authority put it, “this coffee has a buff body.” It helps lead the way to the chocolate note. It’s not so much a milk chocolate or dark chocolate, but a nice and balanced in between of sweet and cocoa. It also has a walnut nuttiness along with some licorice notes. This coffee can pair well with cream and due to it’s thick body and flavor profile.

All coffee is roasted to order Monday and Tuesday and shipped out Tuesday and Wednesday. Orders received after noon on Tuesday will be roasting the following Monday.